Innovation is everybody’s job.

Lela has 2020 Vision for Carlsbad's Future.

My name is Lela Panagides and I’m running for City Council because I want to safeguard the quality of life that makes Carlsbad a wonderful place to live, work and play.


We enjoy a high quality of life but the world is changing and we are being impacted at all levels.

Residents and city staff have worked hard over the years to create the vitality of our city. But now, we are facing complex, messy and perilous challenges that will directly impact that vitality.

There are pressures of growing development and encroachment on our open spaces, we are seeing erosion of our beaches and coastline, kids are walking and biking to school on roads with posted speed limits of 50 mph, revenue sources that the city historically relied on are flattening out making future infrastructure financing one of the most urgent issues, the cost of housing and rising rents are forcing people to move and are out of reach for many younger couples and families, and anywhere people gather publicly, there is a constant threat of random gun violence. 


A decade ago, Carlsbad residents created an inspiring vision for the future of our city.

This vision is human-centered, values-focused and possibilities-driven. However, much has changed in a decade. Some of the changes were anticipated, others were not. City elected leaders and staff are on the front lines and have a critical role to play in responding proactively and positively to these changes. To do so successfully, leaders have to be willing to foresee, adapt and change in an environment that often assumes predictability and control.


Time for Transformation

Lela has 2020 Vision for Carlsbad's Future


I am a working mom, a business leader, a design thinker and an organizational change consultant.

I have a twenty-two year history of working in some of the most innovative, successful and transformational organizations. I believe that leadership is about creating a culture that starts with the questions: “What do people value and need?” “What’s possible?” and “How do we empower people to respond to change successfully to meet their goals, aspirations and vision?”

Carlsbad has a great community vision and plan for the future, and yet it is at risk without constant vigilance, a deep understanding of what’s changing and why and an ability to proactively anticipate, respond and adapt. I’m running for City Council (District 2) because I want to ensure that our city remains strong, vibrant and capable of responding successfully to a rapidly changing world and economy. We need a new set of tools that are much better suited to the complexity and the messiness of the challenges we face. In this new world, we are all responsible for innovation. I am hopeful, inspired and committed to creating and maintaining a high quality of life for everyone who lives, works and plays in Carlsbad!