You’ve found the Easter Egg!

A note about my logo…


I chose the lifeguard tower as my logo because our Carlsbad beaches and the people who enjoy them are kept safer by our brave lifeguards. I also see connections between the job of a lifeguard and the job of a leader. Similar to lifeguards, leaders continuously monitor the horizon, scanning for threats and hazards and alerting others when the conditions are unfavorable. Lifeguards look out for those in distress, especially the most vulnerable such as children and the elderly, and intervene to provide aid and assistance. Leaders also see areas of distress, such as the impact of a fast-moving wildfire, and respond proactively to offer support, stabilize and improve the situation. Forward thinking leaders work first towards prevention through education just like our lifeguards do by educating the public on water safety. Contributing to a healthy, safe and resilient community, both lifeguards and leaders spend much of their time educating and safeguarding the public.

disclaimer: images of lifeguards do not imply an endorsement