Many hands make light work.

Let’s face it, we need money to run our campaign. Money shouldn’t be a barrier to entry in running for office. Anyone with the will, motivation and interest to serve in public office should be able to do so. Sadly, we don’t have campaign limits or public financing of campaigns in Carlsbad. So, really, there is no level playing field. Even in Monopoly, each player starts off with $1,500! 

Our campaign is a grassroots campaign so we rely on small contributions from regular people, not developers or corporations. We need contributions to reach out to voters in District 2. Some examples of our campaign expenditures include: voter databases, website hosting, digital media ads, yard signs and campaign literature and fees for a Treasurer and Campaign Manager (the only two paid staff). We run a lean campaign based on volunteers and coffee but we’ll need to spend money to compete. Help us with a donation. We’ll make every dollar you give count!  


We save 4% if you send a check payable to Lela for City Council 2020 to:

Stephanie Sanchez, Treasurer
3295 Meade Ave., Suite 212
San Diego, CA 92116